Find Out How To Use Your Puppy's Natural Stages of Brain Development To Get Training Results FASTER! Without Using Harsh Discipline!

Dear Puppy Owner,

Your puppy is like a sponge! During the first 2 to 14 months of your puppy’s life, you can expect them to learn 400% FASTER than any adult dog!

Our Puppy Class has been created to help you take advantage of this phase of accelerated learning to teach your puppy:

  • everything from basic obedience,
  • house manners,
  • developing drives,
  • nice leash walking,
  • evolving balance and body awareness,
  • self-control,
  • reliable recall,
  • plus 9 fun and useful tricks!

All using a series of short, fun-to-watch online videos inside our interactive classroom!

inside the classroom

In this program, we brought together all the experiences we gathered in the past years while working with and raising puppies. With a planned, structured and tested program, we will make your life EASIER and overcome "puppy challenges" together!

During the class, we will guide you through the CRITICAL phases of your puppy’s social and physical development and cover everything to raise a STABLE, ACTIVE, CONFIDENT puppy with great foundations for all kinds of dog sports.

We will focus on building motivation and at the same time, make sure your puppy becomes a GREAT COMPANION and FAMILY DOG!

  • MODULE #1
  • MODULE #2
  • MODULE #3
  • MODULE #4
  • MODULE #5

In this last module, we combine things that we learned so far and focus on:

  • heeling,
  • adding self-control to the crate and place training,
  • proofing basic positions with triple D (duration, distance, distractions),
  • sending to the target and
  • sending around objects from a even greater distance.

When you finish with the Puppy class, you will have an obedient, active and confident puppy with really good foundations for on-going work.

module 5
  • Class Duration: 10 weeks (+ open access for additional 4 weeks).
    The class has 5 modules and you get access to the new one every second week. This approach turned out to be the best, so you have enough time to follow and progress steadily to the new level.
  • 1-on-1 Support: During the class, you can post an unlimited number of videos (of you training your puppy) and questions in the comments under each lesson. We will review and respond to every single one of them to point you in the right direction!
  • Appropriate Age: from 8 weeks on (no maximal age)

Equipment needed:

  • Clicker - you will get one as a gift
  • Minimum 2 similar toys, which we will use for "toy-exchange" in Fun games
  • A few additional toys, to make the games extra fun
  • Collar or/and harness
  • Short leash (1.5m)
  • Long leash (10m) for practicing outside

The support you get in our interactive classroom is HUGE! And we have to mention... all the videos were recorded with REAL puppies without prior expertise, so you will get really GOOD and REALISTIC view.

We are so confident in our class that we decided to offer 30-DAYS Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not happy with the class, write us in 30 days and we will return you every single cent invested in our program - no questions asked! And you can keep our free gift - consider it as thank you for your trust. Your investment is 100% SECURE and we take all the risk!

So, what are you waiting? All you need to do is take some time, energy, dedication and we will start having fun with puppies together!

Thank you for your time and trust,
Tina & Katja

satisfaction guarantee

Teach Your Puppy What Behaviours Are 'Good' And 'Normal' ... BEFORE He Writes His Own Rulebook!

(working spots are limited)
(working spots are limited)
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